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About Us

Who are the LGBT Glitterati?

Over the last 30 years, LGBTQ+ people have achieved a lot of progress in the UK  both in terms of our rights and acceptance. As a community we have fought successful campaigns for employment rights, parenting rights, partnership rights and an equal age of consent.  We feel like a lot of this progress is now under threat from a hostile press, a government and many mainstream political parties who pay lip service to the idea of our rights and acceptance but then undermine them. This even includes groups within our own community which we feel are divisive. 


Trans people, despite being at the forefront of the modern LGBT+ rights movement, today face an especially hostile media and daily attacks on their legal and human rights. Many of these tactics are reminiscent of the attacks on gay men in the 1980s. Even the hard won rights that we take for granted seem once again “up for debate” and we will not stand for it. 


There is more to do. We believe that none of us are free until we are all free to live and love authentically. 


In the face of increasing attempts to divide us we wanted to set up a space which stands up to support and affirm solidarity with the L, the B, the G, the T, the Q and all the other parts of our beautifully diverse queer community. We believe that we should stand together as a community united against bigotry, hatred and exclusion and willing to fight for each other’s rights. 


What can you do to make a difference?




We will provide a one stop shop for as many active campaigns for LGBTQ+ equality on this site so if you want to help make a change you can support, donate, and make your voice count. 


Know about a campaign not listed? Let us know.




For our launch, the team have designed clothing and accessories branded Glitterati for the queer community to help raise awareness for our petitions and raise money. All profits from this campaign are going to the Legal Defense Fund for Transgender Lives, which is raising money to help provide legal funds to defend the rights of transgender people. 


Wear them with pride. Show your support for trans rights. Be an ally. Raise funds to help drive change.


We will be inviting LGBTQ designers to join us and create new lines and help us raise money for more causes in future. Is this you? Get in touch! 


Find resources and support!


We’ve listed as many of the UK based LGBTQ+ support organisations as we can so you can access the support you need for yourself or others in our community.


We’ll be launching a blog to showcase some of the amazing people within the community doing and saying amazing things and we have plans to add an resources section to provide links to queer content that both new and existing members of our community might want: LGBTQ+ friendly therapy organsiations, community bookshops, articles, podcasts etc.  




On social media those of us vocally supporting trans rights have been dismissively branded the “Gay Glitterati” and we liked it so much we thought we’d own it and put it to good use. Welcome to the LGBT+ Glitterati!

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