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National Diversity Awards Nominations for LGBT+ Glitterati Founders

There was great news for the LGBT+ Glitterati team this week, as we found out two of our founders, Katy Montgomerie and David Paisley, have been nominated for the 2021 National Diversity Awards.

The awards, which have been going since 2012, were set up to celebrate individuals and organisations furthering equality and diversity within society, whether that be gender, disability, LGBT+, or race, faith and religion-related. Katy and David have both been recognised for their tireless efforts promoting LGBT+ inclusivity, both within and outside the community, and in particular their contribution to the fight for the rights and freedoms of transgender people in the face of increasing prejudice and discrimination. Katy has been nominated in the Positive Role Model of the Year category, while David has been nominated in the Celebrity of the Year category, and both are extremely chuffed to have found themselves on the list.

“It was a really lovely surprise and it’s just nice to be nominated along with some other incredibly impressive people,” says David. “Oh wow no way! Thanks guys, amazing” says Katy. “Definitely vote for the best person and not just the future empress of the mayo free world, me, because of the slime wars But wow I've never been nominated for a thing before!”

If you are inspired by their work, and want to vote for either of them to make the final shortlist you can do so below:

To support Katy’s nomination got to:

To support David’s nomination go to:

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